Geek Project: Make Your PC Look More Like A Mac!

Here’s a new feature of the Blog! Every so often I want to do a “Geek Project” just for fun! Here’s the first in the series! Check it out!

RK_Launcher Desktop

Here’s how to do it! You will need the FREE, and very cool “RK_Launcher” software.

Download Site for RK_Launcher

How to use RK_Launcher:

Unzip the application, save to a directory like:

C:\Program Files\RK_Launcher

Create a desktop shortcut for:
C:\Program Files\RK_Launcher\RKLauncher.exe

Drag the shortcut into your Startup Folder:
(Right-click on “Start”, click on “Explore Users”, navigate to your startup folder, drop the icon there.)

Start the application, then position your mouse to the lower right of the separator line at the right of the Launcher bar, and right-click. Click on “Settings.” Set the settings as below, per tab in “Settings”:

Dock size 50 Pixels
Magnification 80 pixels
Items to manify: 7
Background theme: Default
Uncheck “Hide Indicators”
Uncheck “Hide Poofs”


Uncheck “Automatically Hide”
Check “Always on top”
Check “Use Margin Hotspot”
Uncheck “Never take focus”
Uncheck “Locked add/delete/drag”
Check “Save Chnages on exit”
Check “Save items on change”
Check “Minimize to RK Launcher
Uncheck “Show new applications
Check “Hide the taskbar

Leave as is

This will be done for you as you exclude items

Quality: Normal
Other settings: Defaults are fine

You can get more cool icons for RK_Launcher from places like:

Just be sure that they are .png icons, and at size of 128×128 pixels. I found and used a collection called “NuoveXT-kde-1.6” that had some great icons in it!

You can also “spice up” your desktop with Yahoo! Widgets (formerly called “Konfabulator”) if you want as well. (That’s how I did the clock and the weather widgets.) That software is available here:

You can download and install the “Widget Engine” and then choose what widgets that you want (just be sure that you DON’T choose to install anything that you DON’T want! Pay Attention!)

Enjoy your cross between a Mac and a PC! Cool, huh?

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