AMD is Acquiring ATI

AMD… ATI… alphabet soup! Well, Advanced Micro Devices is acquiring graphics processor maker ATI Technologies… maybe that makes it clearer!

AMD to Acquire ATI

“Customers were essentially asking for AMD to strengthen the ties between its processors and their supporting chip sets and graphics processors and take a more active role in the way the resulting systems are designed and tested, all things it can do with ATI on board, Ruiz explained. ‘Therefore, ATI is a perfect match to the needs for which customers have been asking us for some time,’ he said. Indeed, the deal, valued at $5.4 billion, will allow AMD to combine its processors and ATI’s graphics chips and chip sets, supporting chips that handle PCs’ input/output functions, to create entire PC platforms to offer to its PC maker customers. The combined company would have achieved approximately $7.3 billion in total sales during the last four quarters.”

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