PC Programs I Recommend for Everyone!

I was thinking lately, there is a short list of “PC Programs I Recommend for Everyone!” Now, remember, this isn’t all the “freeware” that I have found, or, the list of free software that I use for various special purposes. As an example, not everyone needs to write web pages in HTML. If they did, I would recommend Nvu (free at www.nvu.com) so programs like that are not listed here. This list is the standard “what I put on everyone’s Windows PC that I get on my workbench” list.

And, now, here is the list:

Grisoft AVG FREE Anti-Virus (Never use Norton or McAfee… and you would have to pay for it… duh!)

And, at the same location:
ewido Anti-Spyware System (Get rid of adware)

Spywareblaster Spyware Blocker (Block adware)

CCleaner System Registry Cleaner and “Questionable” File Cleaner (be sure NOT to select the option to install the Yahoo! Toolbar)

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser (Remember, do NOT use Internet Explorer… ever!)

Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail client (If they need local e-mail, some use web-based email, again, DON’T use Outlook!)

Notepad++ Notepad Replacement/Editor (Searchable, Macros, Advanced Replace, etc.) (See below for an update… I now recommend PSpad instead!)

Juice Podcast Receiver (because I shamelessly promote my podcast, of course!)

OpenOffice.org Office Suite (if they don’t have an office suite yet, or they have an illegal copy of one-that-shall-remain-nameless!)

Archiver/Unarchiver for ALL formats (So you won’t have an illegal copy of WinZip)

You may have others, or more… but this is my current list!

(I have replaced Notepad++ with PSpad… see my reasons, at this post.)

PSpad Text and Programmer’s Editor

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