eBay and PayPal Are Still the Top Targets for “Phishing”

“Phishing” is, of course, tricking you, the unwary net surfer and e-mail user, into clicking on a link that LOOKS like it is coming from a site, only to have it direct you somewhere that will steal your username and password for those sites. Bad news! Then you find that your PayPal account has been “cleaned out!” Bummer!

Study: eBay, PayPal Remain Top Phishing Targets

“More than three quarters of all phishing e-mails are targeted to the users of eBay and its PayPal subsidiary, according to the report. The fraudulent e-mails most often attempt to gather personal information including credit card numbers and passwords in the name of ripping off users, said researchers at security software maker Sophos, which has its U.S. headquarters in Lynnfield, Mass. Of those e-mails, 54.3 percent attempted to steal information from users of PayPal, and 20.9 percent were sent to users of the eBay auction site, the study found.”

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