AOL Stinks… and Their Mother Dresses Them Funny!

You know I don’t like AOL at all. Well, I was watching DL.TV recently and they reported that 25% of AOL employees will soon be laid off! Bad for employees (sorry, dewds!) … but the good news is that AOL is dying! And meanwhile… it was in the news that AOL had released the search histories of many of their customers. I am sure that you may have searched for something you consider private, right? Well, not if you are an AOL customer! AOL stinks!

AOL Apologizes to Customers

“AOL issued an apology yesterday for posting on a public Web site 20 million keyword searches conducted by hundreds of thousands of its subscribers from March to May. But the company’s admission that it made a mistake did little to quell a barrage of criticism from bloggers and privacy advocates who questioned the company’s security practices and said the data breach raised the risk of identity theft. ‘This was a screw-up and we’re angry and upset about it,” the company said in a statement. “Although there was no personally-identifiable data linked to these accounts, we’re absolutely not defending this. It was a mistake, and we apologize.'”

OK, now I feel better about AOL, don’t you?! NOT!!!

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