Geek Software of the Week: K9 Web Protection Software!

As Internet savvy parents, we know that no matter how “nice and well behaved” our teens are, there is an excellent chance that they will run across web sites that we don’t want them exposed to. You have hit questionable sites, and so have I, just doing some innocent search engine queries and “surfing.” In the past, I had recommended Naomi Web Filter, as a free project that offered good protection from the “evil” web sites that litter the Internet. However, the guy that was developing Naomi has had to abandon the project due to lack of time. I can relate, but we need the filtering software to be kept “cutting edge.” So, enter my new FREE recommendation: K9 Web Protection Software! Totally FREE, and excellent!

This product has been discontinued.

Take a look at this Admin Screen in the K9 Product. You have a lot of control, and the ability to track what has been viewed. This is excellent information for a parent that wants to guide their child’s experience on the net. The company says on their web site: ” If you’re like most of us, parenting in the age of the Internet has you facing a new set of challenges. Blue Coat is committed to helping you and all communities through this ‘First Generation of Internet Parenting’. K9 Web Protection is our free Internet filtering and control solution for the home. K9 puts YOU in control of the Internet so you can protect your kids.”

Check this out! It is an awesome package… and deserves a “Geek Software of the Week” recommendation!


  • Thinus Oosthuizen

    Hi, I have tried K9 to safeguard our home-computer, but experienced quite often that (after a few days/weeks) our internet access was blocked totally – the only solution I could find was to delete and then re-install the software – I’m sure I did something wrong or missed something somewhere – any help?


  • You could try “white-listing” sites that you visit frequently, but I have not seen it block EVERYTHING before.

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