IE7 Close to Release

Internet Explorer Version 7 is getting close, but is it too little, too late? Microsoft announced the release of Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of IE7. However, even though it is BETTER than the old IE, Firefox users are not likely to move back.

Microsoft puts up first IE7 release candidate

“Speaking of Firefox, which is now estimated to have more than 15% market share, Mozilla is due to release FireFox 2.0 Beta 2 on August 30, slipping seven days behind its original August 23 schedule. Firefox 2.0 release candidates are due in September with final release due on October 24. With the current slippage of Beta 2, it is not clear whether Mozilla will hold to the October 24 deadline. While it is unlikely that Firefox will suffer significant defections to IE7 as a result of being a few weeks late to market with its new release, winning customers from the much improved IE7 will be a much tougher proposition than from IE6. The world is waiting to see Firefox 2.0 can maintain the edge Mozilla has established in the browser war.”

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