Geek Software of the Week: The GIMP for Windows

Dewd! If you have ever used (or wanted to use) Adobe Photoshop… but couldn’t afford the over $1000.00 price tag, then you NEED The GIMP! The GIMP stands for “GNU Image Manipulation Program” and it truly rocks! It is Open Source, free, and very cool! I was reminded by a listener to the podcast that I hadn’t spotlighted The GIMP yet as a Geek Software of the Week winner! As I told him, it is just that I use it all the time, and hadn’t really thought about the fact that it is VERY useful to anyone that needs to graphic editor… and doesn’t want to drop a grand!

The GIMP for Windows

The GIMP is available on nearly all Linux Distributions, and for Mac OS/X! The link above is for the Windows installer version. You will need to download and install the GTK+ envirnment first, then download and install The GIMP. It is slick, fast, and cool! And, if you need an interface that is more familiar to Photoshop-ers… try GIMPshop! Here’s that link:

GIMPshop, a GIMP Hack by Scott Mochella

Scott hacked the GIMP interface to “Photoshop-ize” it. Very cool, Scott!

Thanks, Joe, for the e-mail reminding me to feature The GIMP!

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