The “Shamelessly Commercial Edition” of the Dr. Bill Podcast #56

Dr. Bill Podcast – 56 – (09/30/06)
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The “Shamelessly Commercial Edition” of Dr. Bill! Since we did the podcast earlier this week (on Tuesday.) SciFi Friday and Dr. Bill’s discovery that is GONE! Venture Capitalists and Kevin Rose (a true geek!) How about giving the EvokeTV folks some money?!?! A new version of Wine is out… what it is and why we care! Why Wine is not an emulator… but it is… well, OK, it is not… OK, well never mind! Dr. Bill says, “Dewd” again! Sigh. Batteries keep exploding! Toshiba and Lenova recall their Sony batteries. Sony batteries must really STINK! Leo Laporte wants to trademark “netacast” and then release it to the world for the term to cover “podcasts” since Apple wants to claim the term “podcast.” Check it out and tell me what you think! IPTV… hummm? Let me know if it really IS “geeky” enough! And, NOW,! Check it out… and spread the word!

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