World of Warcraft on Linux? Yep.

The new Crossover Office beta supports World of Warcraft. Now, let me say, I am not a gamer. But, from what I hear, this is huge! Mainly because this type of game is a “stream-based” game such as Half Life 2 and Counterstrike. These games are popular and hard to transfer to a Linux environment… and now Crossover will support them. Dewd.

Bigger, better CrossOver adds WoW to Linux

“CodeWeavers CEO Jeremy White wants to make sure, though, that everyone understands that ‘this is still beta software, and there are many issues remaining; we still have a ways to go until we feel comfortable considering it ready for release. While we greatly appreciate feedback on this release, if you don’t like bleeding edge experimental software, we’d really rather you waited for a proper production version.'”

Try it and see what you think!

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