“Stupid Users?” Well, Yes… But Don’t Let Them Know That You Know!

This article makes some good points about IT pros being “snide”… however, if users wouldn’t keep being stupid, we wouldn’t be so prone to “roll our eyes!” Help us out, folks!

Why It’s Time to Lose the Snide IT Attitude

“In the years before the tech bubble burst, IT was king: there was a huge demand for professionals with technical prowess and an overwhelming shortage of able bodies. Techies could pick their job and name their salary. They could wear jeans and t-shirts to meetings and nobody would raise an eyebrow. They could roll their eyes when an employee had the gauche to not know where to put their Ethernet card.”

OK, I don’t expect my users to know where a put an ethernet card… however, I DO expect them not to click attachments in e-mail, not to go to “evil” websites, and I really WOULD like them to know how to “map” a drive on the network! Is THAT asking too much?

Tell ya what… I will try to be more circumspect with my attitude… and YOU folks try and be a little more computer savvy! In the words of the great philosopher, “Can’t we all just get along?”

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