IE7 Killer!

When Internet Explorer 7 “hits the big time” soon, Microsoft, in their usual heavyhanded manner, will push out the update to everyone whether they want it or not. If you manage a large network of PCs, you may want to roll IE7 out in a more controlled manner. To help in this regard, M$ has graciously provided a registry hack to prevent deployment automatically so that YOU can decide when to release the new version on your network. And, here’s a neat tool that will help you set that reg key!

Disable automatic install of IE 7

“Many administrators are going to be taken by surprise when they find out that IE 7 is going to be installed automatically via Windows Update. There are considerable changes that could cause many headaches. Most administrators would prefer to decide when IE 7 is deployed on their network… I for one hate messing around in the registry, and sometimes I don’t want to use the command line – I want a nice GUI interface to make these types of changes. That is why we have created two more free tools to make the changes for you.”

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