Well, It’s Official! IE7 is Out!

I said it would be soon. And, here it is…

IE 7: Finally, Something to Write Home About

eWEEK says, “When eWEEK Labs looked at Internet Explorer 6.0 more than five years ago, we were so disappointed in the browser that we said the only reason to upgrade to it was because it was free. That means you’d have to go back nearly nine years to find a release of the Microsoft browser that we found to be significant: IE 5.0. But with the release Oct. 18 of Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft is finally back in the Web browser game in a serious way: IE 7 takes major strides in reversing Microsoft’s neglect of the flagship browser. During tests, we found IE 7 to be a major upgrade over recent versions of IE—and one that finally adds many of the features and capabilities that Web users have come to expect from current-generation Web browsers such as Firefox and Opera. While we wouldn’t yet call IE 7 one of the best browsers available today, Microsoft has greatly closed the distance between its browser and those of its competitors. Version 7 catches IE up with now-common browser features, such as tabbed windows, and the new browser offers improved Web standards support and is much more secure by default.” (Emphasis mine.)

No, Firefox is still better, and version 2.0 of Firefox will be out soon… but, IE7 is better than IE6. So, if you are a Microsoftie… you should get it!

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