In Anticipation of the Firefox V2.0 Launch…

Firefox 2.0Here’s an interview with Chris Beard, Mozilla VP of Products:

Firefox 2 Launch: Interview With Chris Beard, Mozilla VP Products

Why call it Version 2.0? “It’s more sort of a natural evolution. It felt to us like a 2.0 product, particularly if we looked at it from what 1.0 was, to 2.0. It was like half steps, from 1.0 to 1.5 to 2.0. It’s also a very stable and rock solid release – it’s really ready for the masses. So it really does feel like a 2, as opposed to a 1.x product. Firefox 2 has, we estimate, between 3-4 times the number of fixes than FF 1.5 did. And that doesn’t just include fixes and bugs, but all of the feature work as well as memory, stability and security issues. But there’s certainly a lot in it which makes it really solid.”

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