Ubuntu Passes Mac in Terms of Google Trends

Is Ubuntu more popular than the Mac? According to The Linux Advocate and Google Trends it is!

Ubuntu now more popular than Mac OS X!

“I was just taking a look at Google Trends and I found out something interesting. Apparently Ubuntu Linux has not only surpassed its major competitor in Linux ( SuSE ) in popularity, as well as the distro it’s based off of (Debian) , but it seems to have also surpassed another major competitor. Yes, that’s right! Apple Computer’s very own Mac OS X has also been defeated in popularity by Ubuntu! Check it out for yourself. Here is a screenshot I took not 15 minutes ago. The blue line you see shooting up to the sky there is Ubuntu itself, while Mac OS, SuSE and Debian seem to all hang around the same general level of popularity. I’ve purposely left Windows out of this graph because if added, all of these OS’s crawl near the bottom of the graph in an almost flat line compared to Windows’ wild lead. Just thought this was pretty cool! Free software is definitely making some serious progress.”

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  • I just installed Ubuntu on an old PIII at home and I’m really enjoying it. Just wish I could get my screen resolution higher than 800X640.

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