Are Users Mostly Liberal?

I love for it’s “up to the minute” tech news! And, I have been “with them” as an active Digger since the beginning… but, as I watch the Diggs coming in tonight, I find myself wondering… are the majority of Digg users liberal? I have noticed that as we get closer to the 2006 mid-term elections, the liberal posts are up on Digg, and the “Diggs” agreeing with them seem to be mounting. My guess is that this is designed by liberal Diggers to motivate the “base” just before the elections. But, are all Diggers liberal? Well, no, I am not, and, as I say, I have been “Digging” since the beginning of… but I find the phenomenon interesting.

Everyone has a right to speak out, and express their opinions… but I suspect that if I post this to Digg (I probably will, just as an experiment) I am sure that I will be “flamed” mercilessly! Ah, c’est la vie! My two cents… since 9-11-2001 we haven’t had another major terrorist attack… the economy is looking really good… but the Republicans don’t seem to get any credit for either situation. But, they are getting plenty of blame. From a Digger that is a registered Republican… hang in there fellow conservatives… and EVERYONE go out and vote no matter who you are for… let’s exercise our rights as citizens to elect our representatives! See ya at the polls on Tuesday!

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