Vista “Goes Gold” Too!

Well, first it was Office, now Vista. Microsoft has released the product to manufacture. Will YOU use it?

Microsoft Releases Windows Vista To Manufacturing

“Microsoft on Wednesday released Windows Vista to manufacturing, marking the end of the operating system’s five-year, and often difficult, development cycle. ‘This is a good day,’ said Jim Allchin, the co-president of the company’s Windows division, in a press conference Wednesday morning. ‘An hour ago we signed off [on the RTM build]. We’re ready to ship.’ The announcement, which was presaged in leaks from several Windows tipsters and analysts beginning last weekend, means that Microsoft has wrapped up its work on the Vista code, or at least the core code. Work can continue, for instance, on add-ons, including drivers, which will be delivered at launch or after via the Windows Update automatic update service. ‘RTM [release to manufacturing] signifies the next step and the next phase for Vista,’ said Allchin, who added that the torch had been passed to computer makers, which will install the OS on new PCs, and third-party software developers. Allchin also confirmed that Vista would release to corporate customers with volume license agreements before the end of November and that the next-generation OS would meet the previously-set deadline of January 2007. ‘January 30, in fact,’ said Allchin.”

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