Geek Software of the Week: WAMP!

OK, so we know that “LAMP” is Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, and that it is the basis of all the goodness on the web (OK, so I am a mite prejudiced!) Anyway, what if you what to install a “LAMP-like” project, but you are restricted to a Windows server? Ouch! (Those evil corporate “soul-less minions of orthodoxy!” See the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Episode, “In the Cards” for the quote reference! Grin!) Well, now you can! With “WAMP!”

WAMPserver for Windows

The latest version gives you a simple, guided, “one stop” install system for:

Apache 2.0.59
MySQL 5.0.27
PHP 5.2.0
SQLitemanager 1.2.0

on Windows! Wow! And, it gives you a cool control center for settings, etc. (See the image below.) Gotta love it! (By the way, this WILL install happily on Windows XP as well as Windows Server!)

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