The Evil SCO Case: Is the “Fat Lady” Almost Ready to Sing?

The Judge in SCO “Anti-Linux” case, which is so full of lies and evil as to be ludicrous, has put SCO’s case on “life-support!”

Judge leaves SCO’s case vs. IBM on life support (updated)

“In a hearing held on Thusrday, US Magistrate Judge Brooke C. Wells handed IBM another significant victory in its fight against SCO. Groklaw’s eyewitness reports indicate that it was a rough day for SCO, with Judge Wells ruling that the company would not be able to add any further claims to its case beyond what it revealed in its final disclosure. According to one eyewitness, IBM’s counsel accused SCO of “sandbagging” when it came to complying with court orders. The judge agreed, directing IBM to draft her order on the case. The end result is that SCO is left with the evidence generated prior to the close of the discovery period. The company will be unable to introduce new evidence via expert reports, making it difficult—if not downright impossible—to introduce baseless new allegations or further change its story.”

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