Momma Likes Ubuntu!

This guy’s mother was always having problems with Spyware, Adware, and other Malware… so he put her on to Ubuntu Linux. Now, she has no problems…

Yo Mamma Likes Ubuntu

“Actually, my mom loves Ubuntu. My mother is like most parents these days – they buy a computer at Best Buy or Walmart and they take it home, plug it in and start using the web. The computer they bought usually has Windows on it and some form of AOL. After about 8 months of using the computer is becomes “slow” so they begin asking around for help. Usually some “helpful” person tells them that their computer is “just too old” and so rather than fixing the whatever is wrong, they need to buy a new computer. My mom now owns 3 laptops and two desktops (one I’ve been using for a couple of years) – none of which are older than 5 years. Sound like your parents? This is great for computer manufacturers that make money off selling new computers to people. It’s not great for my mom who’s got 5 computers that all are in terrible shape but could be working perfectly, if they just were set up correctly. Tired of this trend, I decided to install Ubuntu on my mom’s new laptop. The only problem I had was with the network card – both Toshiba and RadioShack had the wrong drivers for it. Good job, guys. Once I nailed down that issue, though, Ubuntu worked perfectly. I sent the laptop home with my mom and she’s been chugging along nicely with it since. No slowdowns. No viruses. No spyware. No… ahem… AOL. It works so well, I’m now installing it on her other “broken” computers and am amazed at how they scream along, booting in no time, and just working the way they’re supposed to.”

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