The “2006 Retrospective” Edition of the Dr. Bill Podcast!

Dr. Bill Podcast – 69 – (12/30/06)
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Almost live via a podcast to celebrate the close of 2006! Big, hairy hints about 2007 coming soon! Techpodcasts promo, of course! Podcast number 69! 70 is coming… and it will be cool! Dr. Bill is having a good coding day! Hoo-ray! The cosmic flow of the coding is working today! And now, a Geek Culture retrospective… yay! Every OS Sucks by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie! Hearkening back to the 1970’s with that song! The “Switch to Linux” Fake Ad in an homage to the Mac “switch” ads! Open Source…Linux… gotta love it! Go to the web site… thecomputercurmudgeon.COM! A “cur” is a bad dog, rolling around in the “mud” on the Planet “Geon.” The Numa Numa song! The Llama Song! A frenetic song! Let’s all retire and become ducks in 2007! Why Did Shipping Vista Turn Out to be So Hard? And yet, there are still issues with it! The Computer Man! The Night Santa Went Crazy! Poor quality audio… but still funny! And that ties up our year for Geek Culture… even with a second of the Bunnies from Star Wars! Please Digg the Doctor (The Doctor grovels!) PLEASE! Do so and goodness will expand throughout the galaxy and the stars will align! There is already an update to the DirCaster project! Many great fixes to DirCaster… thanks to Henry! More code coming on DirCaster! A new Paint.NET update is out! I used it just last night to create a new Streaming MP3 “badge” for the web site. Stop those pesky Wi-Fi’ers! An “Open Source” hardware project that is illegal! An RF jammer! The FCC is NOT excited about this… so don’t actually build it! The “Cult of the Dead Cow” strikes again! The Phoenix electric powered truck! 95% charged in 10 minutes! Driving away making no noise… how spooky is that?! Sa-lute! The new look for the blog! A new theme, and new features! Blog posting articles on the calendar in the sidebar! The Audio Flash Player didn’t work so I fixed it with streaming audio for MP3’s using the “M3U” format. Link to the M3U file to play your MP3! All 69 podcasts listed on ONE page! It is a “static” HTML page using a plugin for WordPress that allows “calling” static HTML pages! You can do popups entirely with CSS! With no javascript at all! Really! Here’s the link, just for you:

CSS Popup Windows!

Microsoft sent cool notebooks with Vista to bloggers to get good press… it kinda backfired. And one guy decided to auction it off on eBay and give the proceeds to the EFF! Microsoft now wants them back! And, that’s it for this week! See you next week! (A quick secret hint in the exit music!)

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