Who Says Linux Doesn’t “Do” Games?

The “Super Gamer DVD” begs to differ! Now at Release 2, the Super Gamer has lot’s of games running on a “Live DVD” based on PCLinuxOSO. Cool!

The Super Gamer DVD

“The Super Gamer is a Live DVD that is based on the core of PCLinuxOS., put together by Darin, a community member. Darin started out making the Super Gamer for his own, and some friends. Soon others got a copy and decided they liked it . They jumped on board to help test and develop. The Super Gamer is optimized for a gaming computer environment, with some tweaks to help speed up running from the LiveDVD. Extra games were added along with some demos of proprietary games. All Games are Linux Native. Users wishing to run Windows Native games, may install Wine or a Wine related application such as Cedega. Since the Gamer is developed on the pure core of PCLinuxOS, updating and adding other programs from the PCLOS’s repository is completely compatible, and easy.”

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