The New Knoppix is Prettier, and Works Great!

I had a chance to use the latest version of Knoppix today… and it worked great! And, I was very impressed by how pretty it was! Check it out!

Knoppix 5.1.1: Now with eye candy

“The new year has brought a new release of the Knoppix live CD. Along with the usual updates to application software, the most noticeable change in version 5.1.1 is the inclusion of the Beryl 3-D desktop with the Emerald theming engine. Since support for Beryl is still experimental, the 3-D desktop is provided in Knoppix as an option. To enable it, you have to use the knoppix desktop=beryl cheat code on boot. Considering the current status of Beryl, the new 3-D desktop works surprisingly well; it starts without any problems on a lowly Acer TravelMate 243 laptop with an Intel 82855 GM integrated graphics controller, and it feels snappy and is a joy to use. While some may consider the inclusion of Beryl in Knoppix a gimmick, it provides a great introduction to the whole 3-D desktop idea. Installing Beryl can be a tricky and time-consuming business, so the ability to try the fancy 3-D desktop with zero effort is a boon for all users looking for some Linux eye candy.”

ALSO, it has Frozen Bubble! What more do you need? (By the way, I used it at work to rescue some data… “it” being Knoppix… NOT Frozen Bubble, of course!)

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