Microsoft “Patches” a Patch?!

So, Excel has a problem… Microsoft issues a security patch… then, they come back behind that and “patch” the patch! Why? Because if you install the patch… you then can’t open some of your own Excel files! Way to go, M$!

Microsoft Patches Buggy Excel Patch

Microsoft has re-released an update issued in its January 2007 patch batch to correct a glitch in the way Excel 2000 processes information. The company announced that the ‘targeted re-release’ was necessary to correct the bug, which occurs in the way Excel 2000 processes the phonetic information embedded in files created using Excel in the Korean, Chinese or Japanese executable mode. ‘After you install [the patch], you can no longer open some files that you created by using any version of Excel,’ the company warned. The patch was shipped Jan. 9 as part of the MS07-002 bulletin that provided fixes for a total of five Microsoft Excel vulnerabilities. The update is rated ‘critical,’ Microsoft’s highest severity rating.

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