Howto: Install Network Monitoring Tools in Ubuntu

Here a great “howto” article on how to install network management tools in Ubuntu Linux:

Ubuntu Network Traffic analyzers

Here is what the tutorial covers:

potion: an IP Flow Monitor
Darkstat: a network statistics gatherer
EtherApe: a graphical network monitor
bmon: a portable bandwidth monitor
bwbar: show current bandwidth usage
bwm: BandWidth Monitor
bwm-ng: small and simple console-based bandwidth monitor
iftop: does for network usage what top does for CPU usage
ipfm: IP Flow Meter (IPFM), a bandwidth analysis tool
Speedometer: Measure and display the rate of data across a network connection
cbm: Color Bandwidth Meter — displays the current traffic on all network devices
ibmonitor: an interactive Linux console application which shows bandwidth consumed and total data transferred on all interfaces
iperf: measure network performance
cptrack: a sniffer which displays information about TCP connections

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