Follow-up on VLC Player

VLC PlayerSome time back I recommended VLC Player as the Geek Software of the Week. Now, some GSoTW’s are better than others… some are just interesting… but some actually quietly revolutionize your life. That is what has happened with VLC Player! I recently was “playing” with Xubuntu on a small, underpowered test box, and I was trying to see how useful it would be as an actual “web surfing” system to use to just surf the web, etc. I installed the Linux version of VLC Player by enabling the “universe” add-on in Synaptic and adding VLC using the Synaptic interface. It was smooth, and worked exactly the same as my Windows XP install of VLC… in terms of look and feel. It was fast, clean, and played anything I ran into on the net as I surfed. This was cool, simple, and actually AWESOME! No searching for various codecs, no special setups… it just plain worked.

I find myself using VLC Player for ALL my media on by Windows XP box too. Whether Divx, or Windows Media… whatever… VLC just plays in… fast, light… clean. I love it! It gets a HUGE “thumbs up” from me!

Here’s the link again to get it:

VLC Player Download

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