March Madness from Microsoft: No Security Updates This Month!

Yep… they are mad… crazy in fact! Despite five new zero day exploits… Microsoft has called off it’s regular “Patch Tuesday” updates this month. Can you say, “Doom?”

No March Security Updates from Microsoft

“After a whopping twelve security updates last month, March will bring Windows users a welcome sigh of relief: Microsoft has no patches planned for next week. The company will, however, release a number of non-security updates; 2 will appear on Windows Update and 4 on Microsoft update. Because there are no security bulletins for March, Microsoft will not be holding its monthly webcast on TechNet. An update to the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool will be made per usual. Microsoft released six critical security updates last month, correcting flaws in Windows, Office and its anti-malware products.”

Not that there are no updates needed… just that they have decided not to bother! So it goes. Really serious about security, aren’t they?

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