Geek Software of the Week: IntelliAdmin

This is a very unusual Geek Software of the Week, because it is not freeware, but rather is a purchased product. The reason? Well, the Microsoft Daylight Savings Time debacle has been a big deal for folks that are dealing with old NT boxes and Windows 2000 boxes. Instead of paying Microsoft $4000.00, why not buy IntelliAdmin for $199.00? It also does a lot more than fix the DST issue, and it allows you to do it from one system and “push it out” to your whole network! Very nice!

“IntelliAdmin Network Administrator will allow you to:

-Validate installation of 2007 Daylight Saving Patch. It can detect ours, and Microsoft’s patch
-Push out and apply 2007 Daylight Saving patch to Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003 machines
-Disable USB Drives
-Disable CD Rom Drives
-Disable Floppy drives
-Prevent the automatic install of IE 7
-Reboot Machines
-Shutdown Machines
-Logoff Machines
-Set the VNC password of remote machines
-Keep machines from automatically rebooting when automatic updates have finished
-Stop services
-Start services
-Disable services
-Set services to manual
-Set services to automatic start”

Check it out:

Intelliadmin Network Administrator 2.7

My understanding is that you can try it for free, but I strongly encourage you to buy it if you decide to use it… let’s support this guy’s efforts to help admins!

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