BIG NEWS! (For me anyway.) KompoZer

The first web site editor I used was Frontpage. (Don’t throw rocks at me!) I have since used Dreamweaver, and many other WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML editors… and yes, I am also a REAL man, I use a plain text editor to code in raw HTML. But come on… you secretly sometimes DO use a WYSIWYG editor, don’t you?!? (I thought so!) Anyway, I have tried a lot of HTML WYSIWYG editors… and I was SUPER EXCITED when Nvu was released! Finally, an editor that could give the Evil Empire a run for it’s money, and it was Open Source as well! YAY!

Nvu Web Editor

KompoZer Web Editor

But. You knew there would be one, huh? Nvu has a nasty habit of adding in blank lines to its code! ARRRRRRRGGGGHHH! So, recently (maybe not news to you, but it was to me) I found KompoZer! KompoZer, it seems is the UN-official update to Nvu… and… ta-da! And, it fixes the blank line issue! HOORAY!


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