Is Apple TV Really the Cheapest Mac Mini?

Apple TV is Apple’s first venture into the new, exciting IPTV world. But, people are already modding it with all kinds of hacks. Is it really just a smaller, cheaper Mac Mini?

Apple TV – the cheapest Mac mini ever?

“Sometimes, it looks to me like you do not have to buy your Mac Mini, because Apple TV can be quickly turned into a ‘special version of Mac Mini.’ You just have to tweak the hardware a bit and you can run your new Mac Mini for $299. As a bonus – you get a really fast WI-FI connection and cables for your digital TV for $20. As a bonus – the power supply is inside the computer, not outside and it is so silent, you cannot hear it. When you have time, it can be used as a game console sitting next to your TV set. Just go to your local Apple store, buy Apple TV, download this piece of software from the Internet and turn your Apple TV into ‘Mac Mini Apple TV.’ Without a need to switch between a computer and the TV.”

There are all kinds of Apple TV hacks, check them out here:

Apple TV Hacks

I hear it runs REALLY hot though… as in real heat! They say that you can actually pop corn on the top of the console it is so hot! I know they want it quiet with no fan… but come on!

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