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Since I have set up the Blog to allow comments even if you don’t create an account an log in, I am now requiring a test to be sure the person sending the comment is not a spambot. So, don;t freak out, just answer the simple question… things like “How do you spell Linux?” Answer= “linux” (See read the question closely… there’s the answer!) I know, I know… dumb… but spambots are dumber!

In case you are interested, the plugin for WordPress I am using is called WP-Gatekeeper. Check it out!



  • The plug-in works like a charm.

    Does WordPress have a similar plug-in that randomly generates an image with alpha-numeric characters?

    If so, that would prevent a spam-bot that used a page scraper as well.

  • There are many such plugins, gezz. I wrote WP-Gatekeeper to use text-based questions so that it would be more accessible to blind and low-sighted users, which image-based CAPTCHAs are not. Any set of questions can be created by the blog’s maintainer, so it’s very easy to have non-scrapable challenge/response pairs. For example: “Type in the thing that is made of steel from the following choices: knife, cloud, puppy.” Or: “Tokyo is located in which country?”

    Glad to see WP-Gatekeeper meets your needs, Dr. Bill, and hope it keeps the spammers at bay!

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