CentOS Version 5.0 is Out!

Well, as you know, CentOS Linux is based on the Open Source code of Red Hat. CentOS is binary compatible in every way with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, so now that RHEL V5.0 is out, CentOS has followed suit.

CentOS Linux Web Site

Notes on upgrading: plan on downloading the CDs and do an upgrade from the CDs to be safe. Also, there are many changes, so read the Release Notes and plan carefully!

Here’s what CentoS says:

“The best and most recommended way to get your existing CentOS-3/CentOS-4 machine running CentOS-5 is to update the machine via the installer. This involves booting the machine with the install media, and running a normal installation path. You will be given an option to upgrade the
machine if an older CentOS install is found on the installable harddrive. You will still need to check for rpm orphans once the machine has booted into CentOS-5. Packages from non-CentOS repositories might need special attention. There is a wiki page starting now at https://wiki.centos.org/Migration/5 to document the process’s and experiences of people – so as to create a single combined knowledge base about updating to CentOS-5 from CentOS-3/4 as well as from other Distributions. So do join in and contribute.”

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