Microsoft to Resell Fuel Cells

Microsoft is branching out! They have plans to resell and market fuel cells under their own brand. So, it may not be long before you will be able to charge up your cell phone with a fuel cell from Microsoft. Is that a good thing?

Supplier: Microsoft to Brand, Sell Consumer Fuel-Cell Chargers

Medis, a startup specializing in fuel cells, began delivery of its first products to Microsoft on Friday. Medis executives said Microsoft will brand the products as its own and sell them as portable recharging stations for consumer devices. How Microsoft will position and sell the devices is unclear. However, Medis describes its ’24/7 Power Pack’ as a ‘handy, mobile and disposable charger with multiple connectors for immediate use of your electronic device.’ According to Medis, the Power Packs are designed for portable devices such as Blackberrys, mobile phones, and digital cameras. Although Microsoft could be backing the technology as a battery backup for all sorts of devices, its only current branded product that falls into that category is the Zune, its media player. The 24/7 Power Pack is a Direct Liquid Fuel Cell, which typically means that the fuel cell uses methanol as a catalyst, combining hydrogen and oxygen atoms together to form water, with electricity produced as a byproduct. Fuel cells have been used to power buses in California, planned GM cars, cell phones, trains, and even a bicycle.”

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