Hooray! Mozilla’s Thunderbird E-Mail Client V2.0 is Gold!

Yes, the long beta is over and V2.0 is now gold! I use Thunderbird for my personal e-mail client, and I do love it!

Thunderbird 2.0 email client goes gold

“Mozilla today released the final version of Thunderbird 2, the next generation of the organization’s open-source email client. Key new features include message tagging, message history, and a new function to search for content within messages, among numerous other enhancements.

The major new features, according to a Mozilla spokesperson, are:

* Message tagging — users can organize emails by assigning tags like “From Mom” or “Weekend Projects” to easily track and search for information; users can choose from default tags — such as Important, Personal, To-Do, Later, and Work — or create their own custom tags; users can also add as many tags as they want to a message

* Message history – Thunderbird 2 offers message history navigation similar to Web browsing history navigation; users can move backward and forward through their messages and easily browse through their message history

* Search — the find-as-you-type pane speeds up searches within displayed messages, and a quick search feature starts showing search results as soon as users begin typing search terms; additionally, Thunderbird 2 saves users time by allowing the storing of searches as folders and facilitating the rerun of saved searches by clicking on the saved search folder in the folder pane

* Easy access to Web mail services — Thunderbird 2 lets users integrate and access popular Web mail services simply by entering their user names and passwords

* Customization — users can customize Thunderbird 2 with hundreds of free add-ons that change the look, feel, and functionality of the email client to suit their tastes; users can also create their own message templates to save time.”

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