It’s Official! Dell Will Ship With Ubuntu!

Long a subject of conjecture… it is now official! Dell will ship PCs with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed for customers!

Dell to Preload Ubuntu Linux on Some Consumer Machines

“Dell and Canonical will announce a partnership on May 1 that will see the hardware giant ship Ubuntu Linux preinstalled on some of its desktop and laptop computers. The move, which has been expected for some time, makes Dell the first major desktop vendor to release consumer desktops and laptops with preinstalled Linux. Jeremy Bolen, a Dell spokesperson in Round Rock, Texas, confirmed to eWEEK in an interview that the company plans to offer select consumer products preloaded with Ubuntu 7.04 but declined to be more specific, saying that an update will be made in the coming weeks.”

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  • The tide maybe turning. It’s moments like this which make me realize just how powerful the internet is.

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