Windows “Tip ‘O Da Week” – Eliminating the WU Popup!

So, you have your system set to do Windows Updates (WU), that’s good from a security point of view. BUT… now you get those nasty pop-up dialogs that bug you until you reboot. You will reboot when you want do, dang it! So, how can you disable them?

Use the Group Policy editor! You can run it by typing: gpedit.msc into the “Start -> Run” box.

Once you are in the Group Policy Editor, go to:
*Computer Configuration -> Administrative Template -> Windows Components -> Windows Update
* Double click on No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Updates installations
* In the settings window Choose Enabled and click OK
* Double click on Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations
* In the settings window Choose Disabled and click OK
* Close Group Policy Editor

And, viola! You have eliminated the problem. Now you can get on with that game… or, OK, the report you were working on! (Yeah!)

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