Google Buys GrandCentral

If Google likes a company… it just buys it!

Google Acquires GrandCentral

“If there is anything profitable on the Internet, Google will definitely want a piece of that action! With the advent of mobile phones that offer more and more Internet features, this has become a profitable business over the years. Now, according to a Reuters report, Google Inc. has acquired GrandCentral Communications. GrandCentral Communications is a start-up that lets users manage their existing phones and voice mailboxes over the Web as if they were a single account. Based in Fremont, California, GrandCentral is one of those companies, which are using Web-based software to voice calls over the Internet. The advantage in these methods is that the user can simultaneously with regular phones. GrandCentral’s founders, Craig Walker and Vincent Paquet, have a history of being noticed by Internet giants. Prior to this, they were running Web-calling pioneer Dialpad Communications, which was acquired by Google’s biggest competitor, Yahoo Inc. in June 2005.”

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