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Don’t you love the term “Blogosphere?” Yeah, right! Anyway, Roch Smith, Jr. has long provided a blog aggregator for Greensboro, NC blogs at Greensboro101.com – now he has “branched out” to provide the same kind of service to the world at large! I used Greensboro101 daily to keep up with local bloggers and topics, but now, the service is available to the world! I told Roch that he may be the next “Kevin Rose!” We’ll see… but it is cool tech! Way to go, Roch! Check it out at:


You can get the same as Greensboro 101 has by bookmarking this link:


Check out why Greensboro is known as “Blogsboro!” Here’s to We101!

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  • Thanks for the props Dr. Bill. I hope I can live up to your expectations. Glad you like We101. Thanks for adding your blog and helping me test it.

    — Roch

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