“The Democracy Player” is Now “Miro!”

I have recommended “The Democracy Player” before… I use it, and it does rock for watching shows like “DL.TV,” “Ask a Ninja,” and, of course “Dr. Bill.TV!” Now, in order to reach more folks, they have released a new version, and changed the name! It is Open Source, free, and, as I mentioned, awesome!

Miro Web Site

The folks at “Participatory Culture” that wrote “Miro” say of their new release:

“I am very excited to announce Miro, the new name of Democracy Player. We’re still the same non-profit organization, the same people working on the project, the same open-source code. But we have a new name and a new logo that I think will reduce a lot of confusion (lots of folks thought ‘Democracy’ was only for political video) and will help us reach more people.”

So, if you haven’t tried it yet, do so… if you have, download the new version! Enjoy!

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