Warning! Be Careful What You Post… “The Man” May Come After You!

First let me say that this post is ALSO just my own harebrained opinion and does not necessarily represent reality! So… here’s the deal:

Today I have received a “cease and desist” official registered letter warning me to correct one of my old (circa 2005) blog posts. Please note, that at the time of the post (in 2005) I saw the letter in the post as an “interesting” Internet e-mail that was circulating at the time… as you can read in the post itself, I did not attest to it’s accuracy at all. I did say that as a CNHP I believe that butter is much healthier for you… and I stand by that… but, there are those that say that as a Natural Health guy, I am a loon anyway… so what do I know! The letter was from the “Margarine Protection Squad” (not their real name) … but an industry group… they referred me to the American Health Association and such (like that would impress a renegade natural health guy like me!) Anyways… here’s a link to Snopes statement “correcting” the letter that was circulating back then… which I did post here… only as a “isn’t this wild” view of computer circulated stuff… yeeesh! The things people get in an uproar about!

Link 1 – Snopes Correction

Link 2 – Break the Chain – Chain Letter Correction Site – Urban Legend “Debunking”

So, “A” this is not written by me… it is a flaky Internet e-mail I got and thought was interesting… and “B” I am a widdle ol’ computer nerd with a computer interest blog… anything I believe about butter vs. margarine is simply my personal opinion anyway! So, does “the man” get to control my opinion… well, since I don’t want any lawsuits, and I don’t personally care about the topic anyway… I DISAVOW ALL KNOWLEDGE AND THINK THAT THE LETTER THAT WAS CIRCULATED VIA E-MAIL WAS A CROCK! So there. I didn’t write it… I got it in a spam message… please don’t sue me… please??! OK??

Here’s a link to the original post:

Link to the “Evil” Margarine VS. Butter Post

Windows Server 2008 Delayed

The next big release of Microsoft’s server OS is going to be a mite late!

Microsoft Delays Windows Server 2008, Needs ‘More Time to Bake’

“In the clearest sign to date that not all is well in the state of Redmond, Microsoft cheerfully announced this morning that the release date for Windows Server 2008 is being pushed back to Q1 2008. Citing the delay as a part of an ‘open and honest dialogue about the development process of a product of this magnitude,’ a spokesperson for the Windows Server development team posted on its company blog this morning, just after 11:00 am Eastern time, that WS2K8 will likely be one of the features of a rollout event that was already scheduled for February 27, originally slated to feature Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008. The reason, the spokesperson said, had something to do with barbecue. ‘Why? Well, as you know, Microsoft’s first priority is to deliver a great product to our customers and partners,’ the spokesperson wrote, ‘and while we’re very happy with the feedback we’re getting and the overall quality of the latest product builds, we would rather spend a little more time to meet the high quality bar that our customers and partners deserve and expect.’ Then quoting something program manager Alex Hinrichs told her, she added, ‘It’s like a brisket. It just needs a little more time to bake.'”

“Pull Over, Buddy! You Broke the Law” (The Speed of Light, That Is!)

Wow. If it is true. Wow.

‘We have broken speed of light’

“A pair of German physicists claim to have broken the speed of light – an achievement that would undermine our entire understanding of space and time. According to Einstein’s special theory of relativity, it would require an infinite amount of energy to propel an object at more than 186,000 miles per second. However, Dr. Gunter Nimtz and Dr. Alfons Stahlhofen, of the University of Koblenz, say they may have breached a key tenet of that theory. The pair say they have conducted an experiment in which microwave photons – energetic packets of light – travelled ‘instantaneously’ between a pair of prisms that had been moved up to 3ft apart. Being able to travel faster than the speed of light would lead to a wide variety of bizarre consequences. For instance, an astronaut moving faster than it would theoretically arrive at a destination before leaving. The scientists were investigating a phenomenon called quantum tunnelling, which allows sub-atomic particles to break apparently unbreakable laws. Dr. Nimtz told New Scientist magazine: ‘For the time being, this is the only violation of special relativity that I know of.'”

Late? Yes…

The podcast is running late because we had Ben’s birthday celebration this past weekend… it was quite a production… details will be revealed soon… and some photos… it was a superhero/geek fest! I may do a special, mini-podcast and then catch everybody up on the next one with all the geeky cool happenings! Suffice it to say it was a day long birthday adventure based on Stan Lee’s “Who Wants to Be a Superhero?” TV show on the SciFi Network!

Geek Software of the Week: JW FLV Player!

This week’s GSotW is kinda specialized… BUT, if you are looking for the BEST Flash Video player for your projects, web sites, etc. This one will do it for you!

The Jeroen Wijering FLV Player

Jeroen Wijering wrote this cool player and allows folks to use it for non-commercial purposes… with a 15 euro charge (about $20.00 as of this post) for commercial use. It rocks! Lot’s of features!

“The JW FLV Player (built with Adobe’s Flash) can be used standalone, without the need for the Flash authoring tool. The player allows you to show your videos more controlled and to a broader audience than with Quicktime, Windows Media or Real Media. It supports playback of a single Flash video file, RTMP streams or RSS, XSPF and ATOM playlists (with advertisement possibilities), a wide range of flashvars (settings) for tweaking both behavior and appearance and an extensive, documented javascript/actionscript API.”

There’s even a WordPress plugin designed for it… among many other cool “add-ons!” Check it out!

Big Names Sign Up With iTunes Rival

Looks like iTunes may have a bit o’ competition! And, competition is good for consumers, so I say, “Bring it on!”

Big names sign up to iTunes rival

“Some of the world’s biggest record labels including Universal and SonyBMG have begun selling music through a new download service, challenging Apple. Customers can buy tunes through Gbox at the same price charged by market leader iTunes – 99 cents a track. Music fans can download tracks direct from Gbox or from the online retailer Amazon. However, only US customers can currently make use of the service. Gbox will also benefit from a special advertising deal with Google. The adverts, which will appear when a user searches for a particular term, such as the name of an artist, will link to the Gbox site. However, the search engine giant will get standard advertising fees rather than a cut of sales under the arrangement.”

Our 100th Podcast! Yay!

Dr. Bill Podcast – 100 – (08/18/07)
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Our Big 100th Podcast! Tons ‘o Geek Culture! A Gamemaster Segment! News o’ the week! A contest! Wow! How much fun can you stand?

Dr. Bill 100th Podcast Commemorative Mug!

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