Would You Use an Ad-Supported Microsoft Works?

I sure hope not! Microsoft Works is terrible in the first place… computer companies already tend to give it away with cheap systems, and if I see it, I delete it. Now, M$ wants to give it away, but with built-in advertisements! You HAVE GOT to be kidding!

Microsoft Works Goes Free, Ad-Supported

“Microsoft Corp. will test a free, advertising-supported version of Works, an already inexpensive package of word processing, spreadsheet and other programs, but would not say whether it is exploring a similar Web-based suite. The company said Wednesday that a limited number of computer makers will pre-install Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT – news – people ) Works 9 SE on new PCs in certain markets, and that the test of the business model will last about a year. Microsoft’s announcement comes a week after its top executives sketched out a strategy for supplementing traditional packaged software revenue with subscriptions and Web-based services, during a day of meetings with financial analysts at its Redmond, Wash., headquarters.”

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