A New Version of KompoZer is Out!

As I have mentioned before, KompoZer is the unofficial “bug-fix” version of Nvu, an Open Source HTML WYSIWYG Editor. Nvu is good, but KompoZer just plain rocks!

KompoZer HTML Editor

Changes and Fixes:

HTML Editor

* fixed: the HTML 4.01 doctype is now standard (instead of quirks)
* fixed: the editor correctly selects a tab when re-loading a file that’s currently edited
* fixed: the editor correctly updates the window title when closing a tab (avoids crashes)
* added: it’s always possible to revert the current page
* fixed: the PHP/Comment dialog is resizable
* fixed: the current page is marked as modified after changing a PHP/Comment
* added: the format toolbar has been splitted in two
* added: relativize local URLs in the markup cleaner
* TODO: option to launch the markup cleaner before saving/publishing
* added: show id/class attributes in the status bar
* fixed: id/class attributes can be properly removed with the status bar context menu
* fixed: inline style dialogs have a localized title
* fixed: doctype prefs are kept when a new document is created

CSS Editor

* fixed: the CSS Editor becomes a real dialog box (with OK+Cancel buttons)
* fixed: the CSS Editor fits on an SVGA screen (800*600), even on MacOS X
* added: graphical toolbar buttons
* added: ‘modified’ flags on stylesheets
* added: edit style rules in text mode (CSS Editor / Advanced properties)
* added: keyboard shortcut (F11) to open the CSS Editor
* fixed: external stylesheets can be saved on the hard disk
* fixed: better serialization of CSS files
* fixed: real-time preview
* fixed: *lots* of UI bugs

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