U.S. Justice Department Comes Out Against “Net Neutrality”

Ack! Much evil! Pfffft! (Such intellectual responses from the Doctor!) So… we need new Justice Department workers that have a clue… any takers?

Justice Dept. against ‘Net neutrality’

“The Justice Department on Thursday said Internet service providers should be allowed to charge a fee for priority Web traffic. The agency told the Federal Communications Commission, which is reviewing high-speed Internet practices, that it is opposed to ‘Net neutrality,’ the principle that all Internet sites should be equally accessible to any Web user. Several phone and cable companies, such as AT&T Inc., Verizon Communications Inc. and Comcast Corp., have previously said they want the option to charge some users more money for loading certain content or Web sites faster than others. The Justice Department said imposing a Net neutrality regulation could hamper development of the Internet and prevent service providers from upgrading or expanding their networks. It could also shift the ‘entire burden of implementing costly network expansions and improvements onto consumers,’ the agency said in its filing. Such a result could diminish or delay network expansion and improvement, it added. The agency said providing different levels of service is common, efficient and could satisfy consumers. As an example, it cited that the U.S. Postal Service charges customers different guarantees and speeds for package delivery, ranging from bulk mail to overnight delivery. Whether or not the same type of differentiated products and services will develop on the Internet should be determined by market forces, not regulatory intervention,’ the agency said in its filing. The agency’s stance comes more than two months after Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Deborah Platt Majoras cautioned policy makers to enact Net neutrality regulation. Such a regulation could prevent rather than promote Internet investment and innovation and have ‘significant negative effects for the economy and consumers,’ the Justice Department said in the filing.”



  • And what does the Justice Department have ANYTHING to do with the Internet? Nothing. Nada. They didn’t even create it. Maybe the Justice Department should concentrate on things that are more in their realm…. like…

    ..capturing bad people instead of talking about trade things that they have no jurisdiction in. Figures.

    I’ll also note that I’d be curious as to how many of the Justice Dept actually sits as Board members or are tied to telecom corporations. Trace the money, and I bet there’s a link there.

  • Gotta go along wit’ dat! “Follow the money!” Always wisdom in that… it seems to be the great motivator… but, fortunately, there are still some of us stubborn few that still care what is right and wrong. So, I will continue to press for “equal treatment under the ‘net!”

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