Yahoo Discontinues it’s Podcast Directory

Yep… Yahoo is phasing out it’s podcast directory. Not that it has been very good.

Yahoo to Stop Podcasts, Unlimited Music’s Future in Doubt

“In a banner along the top of its Web page, Yahoo notified users of its podcast service today that it will be shutting down that service on October 31. This as TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington discovered the company has scheduled a priority meeting of its senior executives, including CEO Jerry Yang and President Susan Decker, for tomorrow morning. This afternoon, Yahoo felt the need to prepare customers – and perhaps investors – for tomorrow’s news, by giving it the best spin possible early on. ‘Today we’re planning some changes that also have our user and customer experiences in mind,’ reads a message on Yahoo’s corporate blog from entertainment and video head Vince Broady, entitled, ‘Finding Focus in Hollywood.’ ‘We are streamlining the structure of one portion of our Santa Monica presence – our entertainment division – with a vision of offering a more integrated entertainment experience. That means we’ll be creating more synergies between our music, games, movies, TV, and omg! properties, making them more personal and engaging for entertainment hounds.'”

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