Senate Passes Moratorium on Internet Access Taxes

The Senate does the right thing? AMAZING!

Senate Passes Moratorium on Internet Taxes Until 2014

“After an amendment offered by Sen. John Sununu (R – N.H.) made it feasible to extend a four-year extension on the existing ban on Internet-related taxes to seven years, the US Senate yesterday passed the Internet Tax Freedom Act Amendments Act of 2007, reportedly by another overwhelmingly positive vote. The existing federal moratorium on any state or federal tax on Internet use was set to expire next Thursday, after which time legislators were worried that states could be gearing up to create new broadband usage taxes that could be applied to users’ ISP bills. Revenue from those taxes would have conceivably been earmarked to fund the municipal side of the cost of renovating existing infrastructure for increasing broadband coverage, especially for DSL. But states won’t be able to raise funds through those means until at least November 2014, after the President signs the Amendments Act into law as he is expected to do. From here, the measure goes to conference committee to reconcile minimal language differences between the House and Senate versions, and then proceed to the President’s desk.”

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