Cars vs. Cows! “Bessie” is Doomed!

Bessie the CowSo… what is the bigger polluter? Your gas-guzzling SUV, or “Bessie?” (If your car is named “Bessie,” then I am sorry for any confusion!) And, confusion, it seemed, reigned at a recent UN panel. Everyone was perplexed that the lowly cow was a bigger polluter than our favorite environmental villian, the car! I figure there will now be wild gangs of environmentalists massacring cows! Meat prices and milk prices will rise! Oh, the humanity!

UN panel: Cows emit more greenhouse gases than cars

OK, OK, I know that this is off of our usual tech news fare… but it just struck me as kinda weird and funny! And, it is still kinda “science-y.” Sorta.

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