W00t! Blogging is Ten Years Old Today!

Dewd! 10 years since the term “blogging” was coined… and now, we use it all the time! (OK, well, I do!)

Blogging celebrates its tenth birthday

“Happy blog-a-versary! Today is the tenth anniversary of the coining of the term that makes some of us giddy and others recoil in horror: blogging. If you subscribe to the view that says the term was coined by Jorn Barger on December 17, 1997, today’s the day. It was on that day that he combined the word “web” and “log” to describe his personal journal online, according to blogging lore. Back then, the number of blogs on the web varied, with some citing numbers in the mere double digits. The trend has exploded since then, with new blogs coming online every day.”

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