“Death Star” Galaxy Blasts a Neighboring Galaxy!

Death Star GalaxyDewd! This is cool! Scientists have found a galaxy that is blasting it’s neighboring galaxy with death rays! Rock on!

“Death Star” Galaxy Found Blasting Smaller Neighbor

“The supermassive black hole at the center of a distant galaxy is blasting a smaller neighbor with a violent energy jet—earning it the moniker the “Death Star” galaxy—scientists announced today. The jet has probably fried the atmospheres of any planets in the way, researchers added. But the never-before-seen display may also one day lead to a new burst of star and planet formation. And it may help unravel the many mysteries about how such jets form, how they work, and how they evolve, experts said. ‘The origin, propagation, and energy dissipation of jets are among the most important unsolved problems in modern astrophysics,’ said lead study author Daniel Evans of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.”

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