2008 Tech Predictions from Techpodcasts Members!

Everyone likes to play “predict the future” and with tech it seems even more fun! So, the Techpodcasts crew was polled for predictions, and these are the results!

Techpodcasts Tech Predictions 2008

“‘Don’t Tase me, Bro.’ is being heralded as the top quote of 2007. Who would have guessed that? Well, some tried to in early 2007. Predicting the future is not just a psychics’ job. Then again, we are not predicting – we are analyzing – Seeing trends in the last year to determine what is coming out next year. I went through some of the predictions of 2007. Some were dead on. Social Networking and Apple devices seemed to top the list in this subject. Other predictions – well, not so much. Now we are fast approaching 2008. There is a lot of technology that was debuted in 2007 and since they are still in their infant stages, we will see them ramp into tools that change the way we compute. 2007 was also a year of rethinking. Going Green is one of the ways we rethought things. We definitely had some good progress and will continue the trend. So what is in store for 2008? I paneled my fellow techies at www.techpodcasts.com and we came up with some items to think about for this New Year.”

(Read the article at the link above for the list!)

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