Has Blu-Ray Won?

Blu-RayFirst Disney went Blu-Ray… now Warner Bros., and I read today that the new Macs are supposed to have Blu-ray… maybe Sony has won this round after all! I can remember when Sony had Betamax video tape and VHS won the day. Betamax was technically superior, but Sony mis-handled it, and lost out… so maybe this time they are getting it right!

Warner goes Blu-ray exclusive

“We’ve all been wondering what to make of those whispers that Warner was indeed going Blu-ray exclusive, and apparently, those rumblings are true. Based on a breaking release, Warner Bros. Entertainment will be releasing its high-definition titles ‘exclusively in the Blu-ray disc format beginning later this year’ According to Barry Meyer, Chairman & CEO, the move is a ‘strategic decision focused on the long term and the most direct way to give consumers what they want,’ and he also noted that ‘the window of opportunity for high-definition DVD could be missed if format confusion continues to linger.’ Notably, Warner will continue to release on both HD DVD and Blu-ray until May 2008, but after that, it’s BD for life for this studio. Oh, and while there’s nothing official mentioning any sort of payoff, we’re hearing that quite a sum was dished out to make this happen.”

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